Film Inspection and Repair

PRO-TEK provides experienced inspection and repair services for all film gauges, from 8mm to 70mm.

  • Environmentally-controlled System 10,000 Clean Room with HEPA-filtered recirculating air, particulate-minimizing construction and stringent clean workstation environment.
  • Multiple inspection and repair levels, depending on requirements.
  • Foot and frame information captured for all anomalies and repairs.
  • Inspection reports specially formatted for comprehensive data capture including film dates, emulsion types, total footage, aspect ratio, shrinkage, vinegar syndrome, etc.

Inspection and repairs are performed by skilled technicians using custom software to ensure the physical integrity of the film before digital scanning.

Also note that PRO-TEK inspection and repair services are available for film that is not stored at our facility, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your questions and issues.


PRO-TEK employee John Cassidy inspecting negatives before digital scanning.