The preservation choice of film & media professionals

Preserve your media assets for future generations, monetization and artistic expression

Film and other media deteriorate over time without proper handling and storage.

Don’t risk losing your precious media assets to natural disaster, natural degradation or any other destructive force. PRO-TEK ensures that your motion picture film, still photography, video and audio content will be preserved and protected.


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PRO-TEK opens first commercial frozen film vault

Capacity to hold 500,000 Paramount Pictures titles

Millions of images and miles of film preserved for some of Hollywood’s largest studios

Film and other media/entertainment professionals choose PRO-TEK for one-stop preservation services, along with archival storage of film, video, LTO tapes, audio, stills and other media.

Preservation services

Preservation services

Full preservation services including inspection, cleaning, repair, rehousing, scanning, metadata and quality control, with or without storage.


Archival storage

Sorting, curation, content management and inventory control, with options for archival storage in specialized vaults and warehousing in state-of-the art facilities.


Nitrate services

One of the few remaining nitrate film service providers for restoration, repair and historical preservation.


Convenient locations

Facilities in Burbank and Thousand Oaks, with pick-up and delivery service options.

No preservation project too large or too small

Film studios and corporations

Our knowledge of the motion picture industry, commitment to quality, and full-service capabilities—including nitrate—make PRO-TEK the obvious choice.


Archives and private collections

Our experience ensures preservation and safeguarding for your historical, financial and creative goals, our efficiencies mean lower costs.

Don’t entrust your irreplaceable content to just any one;
rely on the preservation experts of PRO-TEK


The best investment filmmakers can make today is to preserve their work for tomorrow. Known worldwide for state-of-the-art film, video, audio and data preservation storage, PRO-TEK sets the standard for long-term motion picture film preservation in a strict archival environment. Utilizing over 100 years of combined experience in motion picture film preservation practice, PRO-TEK is uniquely qualified to partner with film, media and archiving professionals in need of preservation expertise.

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