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Preserving film, tape and digital media assets

Media & archive services

Nitrate film handling

Our certified technicians provide comprehensive consultation for all aspects of nitrate handling, shipping and storage.

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Film inspection and repair

Complete foot and frame film inspection and splice and tear repair by film experts on period-accurate equipment that includes hand cleaning and a detailed report.

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Motion picture film scanning

16mm and 35mm film scanning on the Lasergraphics Director 10K scanner for high resolution digital restoration and preservation.

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Case study

Sports museum gains access to large asset collection

Thousands of mixed media assets prompted this museum to curate its iconic collection for monetization and preservation.

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30 million
still images
processed and digitized
feet of film
digitized annually
10 million
images rehoused
to archival quality

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Guide: Nitrate and acetate

LAC Group’s film technicians have created a useful guide to help you assess your film assets, understand the risks and determine the best preservation strategy for your goals and requirements.


Media clients and industries

Large and small, commercial and public, organizations of all kinds rely on LAC Group.

Hollywood’s leading motion picture
and independent film studios


Fortune 500 corporations

Media streaming services
and broadcasting organizations

US federal government agencies

University library systems

Community and business archives,
public and private

Here today, here tomorrow

With both digital and historical formats like film and tape, the need for managing and preserving media assets has never been more complex:

  • Protecting your content from degradation, environmental hazards, unauthorized access and other threats.
  • Ensuring your content is in digital form and discoverable with proper metadata.
  • Whether to ‘integrate-and-preserve’ or ‘digitize-and-destroy’ physical media.

To safeguard both digital and physical content, turn to PRO-TEK Vaults.

White glove service

What sets PRO-TEK Vaults apart from other media preservation and archiving providers is white glove service, and we don’t mean just the gloves we wear to handle your assets. We start with understanding your vision for success and take it from there.

We’re big enough to offer comprehensive archiving capabilities and services, yet small enough to deliver personalized care, with attention to every detail.

Why PRO-TEK Vaults?

  • Skilled technicians with deep roots in cinematography, still photography and Hollywood movie-making history. Our pedigree comes from Eastman Kodak’s film preservation and archiving division.
  • Value-added services and expertise in library science, including metadata and other skills needed to manage high-value content and digital assets.
  • Blend of traditional processes and modern digital tools and technologies for both historical and contemporary archiving needs.

Whatever the format or condition of your media, remember PRO-TEK Vaults. We’ll make sure your content is preserved, organized and accessible for generations to come.

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