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Secure, climate-controlled archival vaults

LAC media archive vaults

Each vault has been specially constructed using 5-inch thick polyurethane foam sheathed on both sides with 26-gauge steel in order to maintain ANSI IT9.11’s critical temperature and humidity specifications for the long term keeping of film. The environment is carefully monitored and maintained by specialized software. Temperature and humidity are strictly controlled at 45°F +/- 5° and 25% RH +/- 5%.

Film inspection clean room

LAC expert identifying film

Inspections and repairs at PRO-TEK are performed in an environmentally controlled Class 10,000 clean room:

  • Special room construction insures particulates are kept to a minimum.
  • Recirculating air passes through Hepa filters.
  • Work stations for hand inspection use Pure Aire cabinets to maintain a clean work station environment.
  • Clean room certification is met on an annual basis.

Archive risk management

LAC archive vault systems

PRO-TEK’s vaults are considered the safest in the world against environmental threats like fire or water damage.

  • Insulated vault walls and ceilings provide a 3-hour fire shell.
  • Air is continually sampled by a VESDA system tied to an FM 200 gas fire suppression system.
  • Pre-action (dry pipe) sprinkler systems are installed.
  • Support structure was engineered for seismic activity of southern California.

Archive security

PRO-TEK takes the responsibility of caring for our client’s assets very seriously.

  • Entrances are controlled and secured by electronic card key access by authorized employees only.
  • Closed circuit cameras monitor building perimeter and strategic interior locations including all vault entrances.
  • Cameras are monitored and digitally recorded 24/7/365.
  • Management personnel accompany all other persons to sensitive areas.