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We published many articles last year and wanted to share which topics generated the most interest in 2018.

Some of them were no surprise—one of our key services is research and intelligence, and articles on specific information services like LexisNexis and Westlaw did well, as did articles and reports on competitive intelligence.

Others performed better than we imagined, like comparing professional limousine or “black car” service with similar options from Uber and Lyft. And because we are always hiring librarians and other information professionals, articles about job skills and interview tips are perennial favorites.

Following then are some of the articles that did well in 2018, including some that were published a few years earlier but remain topics of ongoing interest.

Spend management topics

LAC Group’s spend management consultants work with clients across a variety of indirect spend categories. One category in which we are recognized as a leader is the category of information and library expenses, so we frequently write about specific technologies and services, including the following reader favorites:

Intelligize versus Lexis Securities Mosaic

This article takes a look at two leading services for securities compliance and regulatory information, without making a recommendation of one over the other. As to whether or not you need both, the answer may lie in the field of grey.

Intelligize versus Lexis Securities Mosaic →

Westlaw or LexisNexis, which is better?

Again, we compare the two leading platforms for legal research without making an actual judgment as to which one is better.

Westlaw or LexisNexis, which is better? →

Legal research information 2018 predictions

We updated an EIR (electronic information resources) report in early 2018 and wrote this article as a taste of what we covered. While we focus on the major players—Bloomberg, LexisNexis and Westlaw—the report includes a list of more than 20 information vendors and the article discusses other trends like predictive analytics and litigation support.

Legal research information 2018 predictions →

Average office supply costs per employee

Three of our most popular spend articles in 2018 gave advice on reducing work uniform costs, calculating office supply costs and whether to save money on limousine service by using Uber or Lyft for black car transportation. We offer some ideas to help you plan budgets and manage expenses for office supplies. Even though the office product industry continues to decline in total revenue and number of businesses, this indirect spend category is one that affects every business, no matter the industry or size.

Average office supply costs per employee →

How to reduce work uniform costs

Businesses in travel and tourism, facilities management, shipping, brick and mortar retail and other sectors require some of their employees to wear uniforms to work. We were surprised to see this article perform so well in 2018, leading us to believe we should delve further into this niche indirect spend category.

How to reduce work uniform costs →

Professional black car services vs Uber or Lyft

Many of our clients in major cities like New York City, Washington DC and Los Angeles rely on “black car” limousine service as a form of ground transportation for certain individuals. We have been starting to get more questions about comparable black car ride-sharing from Uber and Lyft, and whether the savings are worth it in terms of quality and service. This article touches on the pros and cons of all options.

Professional black car services vs Uber or Lyft →


Research and intelligence topics

We provide research and intelligence services and support, both onsite at client locations and virtual research delivered across multiple time zones and geographical locations. The following articles were most popular for information center/library directors, fellow researchers and anyone else interested in these topics in 2018:

Six affordable or free online research services

Popular and reliable information resources, from Google Scholar to Fastcase.

Six affordable or free online research services →

Distinguishing good research from bad

How to ensure you’re getting the most reliable and accurate information.

Distinguishing good research from bad →

Top 5 knowledge management goals

Capturing and sharing knowledge is important for employee education, efficiency, community, risk management and innovation.

Top 5 knowledge management goals →


Popular CI (competitive intelligence) content

Our most popular research and intelligence topics included a sample CI case study done for Target Corporation and a composite article we curated from our blog on 2018 CI trends and insights.

Copyright for dummies

Tips on how to protect your business from copyright infringement, such as what is and is not protected by copyright, how courts determine fair use and use of public domain works.

Copyright for dummies → 

film reels

Content and archive topics

Our most popular articles on content management and archiving were about preparing archival film for showings, a client story about an archive that included nitrate film being stored in a common chest freezer and digital scanning for motion picture film collections.

Best practices in film handling and distribution, or “It’s 10pm—do you know who’s handling your film?”

Best practices in film handling and distribution →

Marin history museum nitrate film

Marin history museum nitrate film →

Digital scanning for motion picture film

Digital scanning for motion picture film →

Job interview handshake

Recruiting and talent management topics

As a managed services provider, LAC Group is one of the largest private employers of librarians, and we recruit a wide range of other knowledge and information management professionals. Some of the most popular career and professional development articles in 2018 were the following:

8 keys to interview success

8 keys to interviewing success →

Top 5 skills required for librarians

Top 5 skills required for librarians →

How to ask someone to mentor you

How to ask someone to mentor you →

We hope you found this round-up a useful and time-saving way to view our most popular reads in 2018, and now we have a favor to ask: Would you please tell us what topics or questions you’d like us to address in 2019?

Submit your requests and ideas here.

Thank you!

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