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The number of alternative LIS career paths continues to expand, though it can be a real challenge to figure out exactly what these career paths entail, where the jobs are and how to position and align your information skills.

That’s what makes the work that Deb Fanslow and her colleagues have done with their online DAM Directory, a rich collection of information resources on Digital Asset Management for information professionals who may be considering or exploring this career path.

Subtitled “A guide to educational and professional development resources for learning more about digital management,” the Dam Directory is organized into four categories:

  1. Digital Asset Management career advice
  2. Education programs, both DAM programs and LIS programs
  3. Industry workshops and webinars
  4. Topical education resources categorized under the headings of coding/markup languages, controlled vocabularies (taxonomies), database management, data management, digital libraries, digital imaging, digital preservation, information architecture (IA), linked data, metadata, project management, web design, and UXD.

Especially useful is the DAM skills map found under the Career Advice section. The map, an extremely well-organized infographic, lays out relevant skills such as interpersonal skills, subject matter expertise, digital media and information technology.

Also useful is Butch Lazorchak’s article, “What Does it Take to Be a Well-rounded Digital Archivist,” and an article co-authored by LAC Group CEO Rob Corrao, “Turning Information Professionals into Digital Archivists for Success in Today’s World of Digital Asset Management.”

Another section of the DAM Directory is a “vendor-neutral collection of curated resources on topics related to the multidisciplinary practice of digital asset management” that includes job listings.

This directory is a terrific starting point for learning more about digital asset management and its related disciplines. Fanslow and her team have done an excellent job of describing the digital career path, but would probably welcome any contributions that help them continue to build out the resource with additional career information for would-be digital asset managers. It should also be considered a must-read for any MLIS curriculum committees looking to update their existing program curricula.

Additional DAM career resources

Digital Asset Management: Content Architectures, Project Management, and Creating Order Out of Media Chaos / Elizabeth Keathley. Apress, 2014. 196p. ISBN 1430263768.

DAM Survival Guide: Digital Asset Management Initiative Planning / David Diamond, CreateSpace, 2012. 184p. ISBN 1478287667.

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