PRO-TEK is the only company in the nation with a cold storage facility specifically designed and built to exacting ANSI standards for still and motion picture film archival. We have a proven, 20-year track record of storing and preserving critical  film, video, audio and data assets.

Dedicated Film Experts

Our dedicated film experts, including published historians, are part of the “hands-on” team. This contextual expertise enables us to create inventory records of unmatched depth and accuracy.

A Complete Asset Management Solution

We offer a complete set of asset management and preservation services that includes asset verification, ingest and cataloging, metadata creation, inspection and repairs, cleaning, digitization, and preservation in our state-of-the-art vaults.  We can also help you deaccession assets to reduce your preservation costs.

Flexible, Cost Effective Model

Using our managed service business model gives you access to specialized skills and experience and the guarantee of a performance SLA (Service Level Agreement) for consistent results and predictable costs. Plus we have the ability to add incremental staff and expertise as needed.

Complex, Long-Term Project Experience

PRO-TEK has experience managing several complex, multi‐year projects for federal and state government and enterprise business clients in microfilm conversion, asset management, logistics, and other media collection services.