Still image services

Are your still images well-protected?

film inspection services
Identifying talent in the still photo for a large studio archive.

PRO-TEK’s still image specialists have worked with millions of still images in multi-year restoration, preservation and archiving projects for large motion picture studios, entertainment businesses and other organizations. This experience has allowed us to perfect our still photography process to balance quality and economy for the restoration and preservation of high-value images.

Our still photo services are available, even if you do not store them in our film vaults.

Still photo inspection, cleaning and restoration

In a clean-room facility, skilled technicians offer meticulous, white-glove inspection and repair services for both vault and non-vault clients.

  • Inspection and assessment of photographic and physical quality with findings listed in a detailed inspection report.
  • Careful white-glove cleaning and repair for restoration and scanning.
  • Metadata capture and cataloging.
  • Identification of valuable images for monetization and other goals.

Comprehensive inventory management

  • Film elements rehoused in archival sleeves for digitization and inventorying.
  • Logging of unrecoverable images and client-approved de-accessioning of duplicates.
  • Customizable metadata created and entered into your asset management system.
  • Elements identified with bar codes and easy-read labels for accurate tracking and monitoring.

White glove customer service

Our white-glove treatment extends beyond the clean rooms, with special attention to customer service. Project reporting is conveyed daily, weekly, monthly or real-time via the client’s secure dashboard. We offer daily servicing with the ability to pull, prepare and deliver media to a wide range of destinations.