Motion picture film scanning

Digitizing cinematic history for archiving and monetization

Digital film scanning Lasergraphics Director 10K scanner

PRO-TEK Vaults offers high-resolution, high-quality motion picture film scanning services, using the world’s most sophisticated system—the Director 10K by Lasergraphics.

Thanks to our combination of technology, skilled technicians and best practices, you gain the highest quality results and greatest satisfaction. As a full-service provider of film restoration and archiving services, we also reduce the inconvenience, uncertainty and risks of additional points of handling and transportation.

Motion picture film scanning capabilities

  • Up to 10K resolution with simultaneous output of image and soundtrack to UHD/HD ProRes, DPX or TIFF.
  • Ability to scan all formats—35mm, 16mm, Super 16mm, 28mm and 17.5mm films.
  • Damaged and delicate film stock is managed with stability, speed and quality. Scratches are greatly reduced without blurring or altering the original image and optional color correction delivers a pristine, color-graded scan from faded film.
  • Post-scanning digital file cleaning to transparently remove digital artifacts.

It’s always been standard policy to inspect, clean and repair all film prior to scanning; now, even film with torn or missing sprocket holes can be reasonably captured at the best possible resolution.

Meeting all your film preservation requirements

While you may choose any service a la carte, many of our clients appreciate our full-spectrum of restoration and archiving capabilities and film expertise:

  • Meticulous cleaning, inspection and repair prior to all film-scanning.
  • High-resolution motion picture film scanning services.
  • Secure motion picture film storage that meets stringent archival standards.
  • Expert staff of film technicians, archivists and historians with decades of experience.
  • Scale and processes that deliver greater efficiency and affordability.

Digitizing motion picture film preserves cinematic heritage while unlocking the full value of the media. Our scanning services using the Director 10K demonstrates our commitment to archiving leadership, innovation and client satisfaction.