Archival multimedia storage

One-vendor convenience with services for small and large collections

Media archiving shelves at LAC's largest warehouse facility (Photo by Michael J. Cahill).

No need to find a separate warehouse provider for pallets, boxes or odd-size collection storage. You’ll get the same level of personalized attention and chain-of-custody security, plus the added convenience of working with one vendor. Your assets will be carefully entered in an inventory management system with all available metadata. Throughout the workflow process, they will be scanned either to an in-progress work location or to a physical location if warehousing with us.

Warehouse storage

For items that don’t require cold storage, we offer modern warehouse storage capacity for multi-media assets:

  • Climate-controlled to 65 degrees and 45% relative humidity.
  • Safeguarding against fire and water damage.
  • Static shelving, pallet racking and hi-density mobile racking to maximize space and minimize costs.
  • Anti-tip seismic bracing.
  • Bar-coding for accurate location-tracking and real-time updates.

Warehouse security

PRO-TEK Vaults takes the responsibility of safeguarding our client’s belongings very seriously.

  • Bar-coding with real-time updates for location accuracy.
  • Entrances controlled and secured by electronic card key, accessible only by authorized employees.
  • Closed-circuit cameras record digitally around-the-clock to monitor building perimeter and strategic interior locations, including all vault entrances.
  • Management personnel accompany all other persons to sensitive areas.
  • MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) guidelines used as best practice.

For professional warehouse management and single-vendor convenience, entrust your entire multimedia collection to PRO-TEK Vaults. We will devise the right solution for all your storage and preservation requirements.