PRO-TEK Takes Over Kodak Film Warehousing and Distribution

PRO-TEK, a division of LAC Group and formerly a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak, is the new Los Angeles warehouse and distribution hub for Kodak’s motion picture film.  As of November 3, 2014, all orders formerly picked up at the Kodak Hollywood facility will be readied at the PRO-TEK site in Burbank.  Kodak will continue to be the initial point of contact for order placement.

LAC Group Kodak Distribution Press Release - PRNewswire-14nov2014_Page_1
“Kodak’s decision to have PRO-TEK warehouse and distribute their motion picture film stocks makes absolute sense,” says Richard Utley, LAC Group Vice President and head of PRO-TEK.  “We were a subsidiary for 20 years within the Entertainment Imaging division of Kodak, and PRO-TEK has the controlled environment for critical storage of film stocks and the knowledge to service Kodak’s production and preservation customers”.

Order Placement Instructions

All orders MUST be placed ahead of time with Kodak by calling 800-621-FILM or sending an email with the order specifics to [email protected] Kodak will handle all payments as well.

Download the full press release here.