PRO-TEK services

Film preservation services and storage

Studios, archives and serious movie and video collectors—if you’re not familiar with PRO-TEK’s history (founded by Kodak), you may not know about our state-of-the-art facilities, archival standards, white-glove handling and movie industry cred.

From cradle to archive, PRO-TEK comprehensive film preservation services limit the need (and risk) of dealing with multiple vendors, though services are available even if your assets are stored elsewhere. Following is an overview of what we do, with links to more information.

From cold, archival-standard film vaults to modern, climate-controlled warehousing for other physical artifacts, PRO-TEK offers secure, state-of-the-art storage capacity. With high-density racking to maximize space and minimize costs, and technology for accurate inventory-tracking, your items will always be safe, secure and readily available.

We’ve received film and other media assets in every possible condition—dusty, piled in boxes, no background information—don’t let that stop you from giving us a call! We never judge, we just start giving your collection the archival and preservation treatment it deserves, with skilled, white-gloved film technicians working patiently in ISO-standard clean rooms.

The bulk of PRO-TEK’s preservation and archiving work is acetate film, with clients that include Hollywood’s major production studios, as well as independents, historical archives and private collectors. PRO-TEK offers comprehensive preservation and scanning services for commercial and industrial motion picture archives to assure the integrity of the irreplaceable content in your acetate-based film.

Nitrate film has been out of production for decades, but lots of cinematic and industrial movies, news footage and other valuable, historic content remains. What keeps content owners from acting is fear and misunderstanding. As one of the few remaining nitrate film preservation companies, PRO-TEK will alleviate both. Proper handling is critical and preservation is urgent, but we’ll start by assuring you that nitrate film is not nitroglycerin!

As new markets open for old content, curation has become an important part of the preservation process. PRO-TEK staff are knowledgeable about movies, actors, directors and other current and historical movie-making details dating back to the silent film era. We can determine provenance, create metadata and assess value, and we are happy to work with your content / digital asset management systems.

Our specialty is film, but we are experienced in videotape, still photographs and other physical artifacts and digital content. Our experienced technicians and artisans are accustomed to working patiently and diligently on preservation projects that involve millions of items and take multiple years to complete—yet we give the same care and attention to small, private collections.

With roots in the Eastman Kodak company, PRO-TEK is the film manufacturer’s west coast distribution center.