PRO-TEK’s Still Archives Manager Randy Gitsch and Cinerama restoration production partner, Dave Strohmaier, have been invited for a 10th appearance in the UK’s Widescreen Weekend film festival. The new edition of the Weekend, hosted by Bradford’s National Media Museum, will take place on the curved, 146 degree-wide Cinerama screen in the Pictureville theater, the only such theater of its kind on the European continent.

Cinecon is a celebration of forgotten films from the silent and early sound era of movie-making that features screenings, celebrity guests, one of the country's top movie memorabilia shows, plus live piano accompaniment for the silent films! This year's event, Cinecon 52, will be at the Egyptian...

PRO-TEK is proud to be a sponsor of AMIA 2015, the 25th annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists. The conference takes place November 18-21, 2015 in Portland, Oregon at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower hotel, located in the heart of downtown Portland. PRO-TEK Vice President Tom Regal and Still Archives Manager Randy Gitsch are involved in two event sessions.

Making their ninth appearance as invited guests to England’s National Media Museum (NMM), PRO-TEK Still Archives Manager Randy Gitsch and his production partner, Dave Strohmaier, will participate in the Museum’s annual Widescreen Weekend film festival, October 15-18, 2015 in Bradford, England. They will give a special...

It took over sixty years, but the authentic location of comedic filmmaking pioneer Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios has been properly recognized and dedicated.  The studio was the birthplace of the "Keystone Cops" and the early playground of film legends like Charlie Chaplin. Participating in the dedication ceremony on February 27, 2015, was Film Historian and PRO-TEK Restoration Expert, Stan Taffel, who spoke about Sennett's filmmaking legacy and ground-breaking work in comedy.  Taffel is one of PRO-TEK's filmmaking experts often called upon for their knowledge of the motion picture industry and the medium of film.  As authorities on restoration, preservation and archiving, the professionals at PRO-TEK are valuable film references, recognized worldwide for their understanding of cinematic history dating back to the silent era.

Following in the steps of Rick Utley, who is retiring from PRO-TEK and his distinguished career in film preservation, Tom Regal understands that he has a metaphorical big footprint to fill. Regal and Utley have known each other well, having served together on the board...

Randy Gitsch, Operations Manager, PRO-TEK

I recently had a surprise while working on one of our client’s still image collections. Going through a series of boxes of Hollywood studio photography, preparing select titles for our PRO-TEK crew to inventory, archivally re-sleeve, scan and QC, I came across a box of 8”x10” negatives with no referenced motion picture title on it.  This box was unmarked except for the picture code, “ML-8”.  Unfortunately, our picture code reference didn’t include the code. A look inside the box revealed a dozen brittle paper sleeves holding a variety of negatives on what I recognized by their overall appearance and feel to be nitrocellulose, or nitrate film stock. Nitrate was the mainstay of still photography through the early 1940’s, when flammability and susceptibility to decay led to its replacement by acetate “safety film”. Unfortunately, acetate is also prone to organically deteriorate over time.

PRO-TEK, a division of LAC Group and formerly a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak, is the new Los Angeles warehouse and distribution hub for Kodak's motion picture film.  As of November 3, 2014, all orders formerly picked up at the Kodak Hollywood facility will be readied at the PRO-TEK site in Burbank.  Kodak will continue to be the initial point of contact for order placement.