PRO-TEK Media Technicians and Artisans

The knowledge and experience of the PRO-TEK team is unmatched.  Only people with technical media preservation expertise and proficiency, and a passion for the cinematic arts, will handle your media assets at PRO-TEK Vaults.  We can help you chart a path for your valuable assets that will yield the absolute best outcome for you and your assets.

PRO-TEK people have:

  • Historical and current knowledge of all media types, studios, movies, actors, locations and more, dating back to the silent film era.
  • Understanding of strategic planning for studio, public and private archive preservation.
  • Significant studio, lab, and archive experience.
  • Nearly 50% of the team have been with PRO-TEK for more than 10 years.

PRO-TEK’s people are what make the difference. They are the reason major studios and other content producers and owners entrust their most valuable, irreplaceable media assets to us.

Interested in knowing more about our people?

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