Nitrate Film Handling

PRO-TEK is one of the few places left in the United States with personnel who are trained and certified in the handling and shipping of nitrate film, a highly flammable stock produced prior to 1952.

Nitrate Film Services Include:

  • Inspection and repair for restoration or scanning.
  • Assembly of film rolls for metadata capture and cataloging.
  • Identification of valuable footage for monetization.
  • Assistance finding¬†nitrate storage and managing disposal of degraded elements through certified facilities. (PRO-TEK does not store nitrate film.)
  • Logistics for nitrate film movement between facilities.

To learn more about nitrate film and our expertise in this area, we invite you to read the following articles on our blog:

If your film collection includes nitrate stock (or you’re not certain and would like to find out), contact us for a no-obligation discussion of the unique requirements of nitrate film preservation.


PRO-TEK employee Danny Kuchuck checking film
for physical wear and damage.