Randy Gitsch

Manager Still Archives


With his dual major degree in Mass Communications-Journalism and Broadcasting and Film Production, Randy Gitsch wasted no time moving directly to Southern California upon graduating from the University of Iowa.  His first job in Los Angeles was staff researcher in the RKO Studio Archives which led to him becoming collections manager.  Later, while working for stock footage film libraries, he saw film deterioration first-hand.

Randy has been at PRO-TEK since 2001, holding many roles as Film Inventory Technician, Film Inspector and now supervising projects re-housing and digitizing the still photo libraries of major studios.

Randy is also a documentarian, producing and co-writing KEEPERS OF THE FRAME, a documentary on film preservation and restoration.  He teamed up with David Strohmaier to produce another documentary motion picture, CINERAMA ADVENTURE and to bring preservation awareness to this historically important, cinematic format and its handful of rarely seen, 3-panel films.  He and Strohmaier have continued collaborating to digitally re-master the Cinerama widescreen library.  Randy is one of the founding members of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, a professional organization that champions film and video preservation.