Jim Harwood

Director of Operations – Burbank


Jim Harwood’s love affair with film began at age 3 when he was taken to a reissue of Charlie Chaplin’s silent masterpiece MODERN TIMES.  “Not only did I love the film, but I was fascinated with the presentation of it.  I knew then, I wanted a movie projector.”

Six years later Jim’s father relented and bought the young film buff a projector.  Primarily the only films available to collectors were silent and early sound movies, so Jim’s early years were spent watching the classics.

Jim joined PRO-TEK in 1994, starting as an Inventory Technician and then moving into the role of Vault Manager.  Today he is Director of Operations for the Burbank facility, overseeing all operations of the archival storage and inspection/triage divisions of PRO-TEK.  Previously Jim worked at the Library of Congress’ nitrate storage facility at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  He later moved to Los Angeles and worked for Turner Entertainment as well as two major stock footage companies.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production and is a board member of Cinecon, an annual classic film festival held in Hollywood.