Nitrate and acetate film handling

Film preservation essentials guide

Aging film is highly fragile and, if it’s nitrate-based, it could even be hazardous due to its flammability. Continuing to ignore this will result in the inevitable loss of the imagery these film assets have captured and contained.

LAC Group’s film technicians will help you curate, restore, organize, digitize and archive your analog photographic content, no matter what form it’s in. To that end, we have created a useful guide to help you assess your film assets, understand the risks and determine the best preservation strategy for your goals and requirements.

This document offers guidance on:

  • How to identify whether the film is acetate, nitrate or polyester.
  • Tips for proper care and handling of film assets.
  • Characteristics of archival film storage for effectively preserving images.
  • Digitization considerations for still and motion picture film assets.

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