Will everything I store at PRO-TEK be kept together?

PRO-TEK has three large vaults and items are placed into the vaults at random, usually in order of delivery. Your items may not all be stored together.

I’m on San Fernando Blvd. Where is PRO-TEK?

We are located between Buena Vista and Hollywood Way on the same side of the railroad tracks as I-5. Please refer to the map on our contact us page.

What are the temperature and humidity levels of the vaults at PRO-TEK?

All of our vaults are maintained at 45F/25% RH (+ or – 5%) which is the ANSII standard for long-term archival film storage.

What kinds of containers does PRO-TEK accept for storage?

All film must be in 1000’,  2000’ or 3000’ metal or archival plastic cans. We can re-can film elements for you. Video or digital elements must be in their original cases.

What is vinegar syndrome?

This is the name given to the deterioration process that can occur to acetate-based film elements. As the film base deteriorates, acetic acid is released which smells like vinegar. That is why it is called vinegar syndrome. The main cause is usually poor storage in an environment that is too warm and/or too humid. Improper processing at the lab can be another cause. Vinegar syndrome cannot be stopped once it has begun. It can be slowed down through proper storage and the use of molecular sieves.