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film-102681_1920Here’s a few posts from our blog in 2015 that you may have missed about film preservation and media asset management topics, curated for fast, informative reading!

Preserving Nitrate and Acetate Motion Picture Film Collections

For owners or managers of motion picture film captured on nitrate or acetate stock, make sure it’s properly stored! It’s irreplaceable and too valuable to leave to chance. This article reviews basic considerations for both nitrate and acetate film.

Review of AMIA 2015 Conference in Portland

Were you unable to attend AMIA 2015? It was a special event since it marked the 25th anniversary of this annual conference sponsored by the Association of Moving Image Archivists. Many of PRO-TEK’s experts in film and other media asset preservation were there and contributed to this great wrap-up of AMIA 2015.

PRO-TEK’s Motion Picture Expertise Beyond Film Restoration and Preservation

PRO-TEK staff are more than preservation technicians; many are film enthusiasts, creatives and historians. They truly can be counted on to give your film extra special care, and if you have any questions about the history or provenance of the assets in your collection, they will do their best to uncover the answers for you.

Hooray for…Edendale? The Home of the Motion Picture Industry Before Hollywood

Did you know that Hollywood was not the birthplace of the commercial motion picture industry in southern California? Another LA neighborhood is where it all began with silent film, and PRO-TEK employee Stan Taffel was instrumental in the efforts to recognize this piece of motion film history, as well as one of the pioneers of that era.

CINERAMA: Early Widescreen Motion Picture Format

Cinerama is a widescreen process that was introduced during the 1950s, in response to the new competition from television. Cinerama was presented as a theatrical event, complete with reserved seating and printed programs. PRO-TEK Still Archives Manager Randy Gitsch is a Cinerama expert. This article details the premiere of his digital reconstruction with partner Dave Strohmaier) of a formerly lost motion picture, “THE BEST OF CINERAMA” (1962).

If you are interested in learning more about Cinerama, click here to read all about it on Wikipedia.

Tim Knapp

Tim Knapp

Tim Knapp is EVP of Media & Archive services at LAC Group. He brings more than 30 years of experience in motion and still imaging – first in film, and most recently in digital. Tim has an extensive and wide-ranging understanding of the capabilities and challenges of film and video, including the issues and opportunities it presents for archivists as they face aging media libraries and an increasingly digital future.

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