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amia-rgb2015 marks the 25th year of annual conferences for AMIA, the Association of Moving Image Archivists. The event will be held November 18-21 in Portland, Oregon with PRO-TEK (film and other media preservation and archiving specialists of LAC Group) as one of the sponsors.

To mark the significance of 25 years, we have compiled a list of 25 reasons why any moving image archivist or enthusiast should attend. Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you in Portland!

25 Reasons to Attend AMIA 25

  1. Meet and commune with your peers to learn and share how they may have solved your problems…and how you may have solved theirs.
  2. Screenings, lots of screenings in the hotel, as well as screenings at the NW Film Center on Friday evening and all day Saturday.
  3. A screening we consider extra-special because it involves our very own Randy Gitsch, who will be showing “THIS IS CINERAMA Remastered” with colleague David Strohmaier.
  4. Digital Asset Symposium (DAS)! DAS 2015 features two great keynotes — Erik Weaver who runs “Project Cloud” at the University of Southern California’s Entertainment Technology Center and John Downey who is founder and CEO of NextGen Storage — as well as speakers and case studies from AMPAS, Family Search, Stanford, UC Santa Cruz and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
  5. While you’re at DAS, say hello to PRO-TEK Vice President and AMIA Board Director Tom Regal, who will be hosting the symposium this year.
  6. An informative variety of Poster Sessions showcasing a diverse range of projects and collections, from “The Silent Film Project” at the Library of Congress to “The Circus World Museum Film Collection” from the University of Wisconsin.
  7. Trivia Night! Compete with and against your fellow experts, geeks and good sports on teams of 5-8 people across multiple categories. The games will commence Wednesday, November 18th at 8:00pm. All monies raised go to support AMIA ‘s Community Fund.
  8. Mentoring – You can be matched up to someone sharing your expertise, or someone possessing the expertise you’d like to have, and sit with them for an hour during the Mentoring Breakfast.
  9. This year you can choose between a digital media stream or a more conventional film archiving stream or mix and match for a world-class lyceum.
  10. Learn all about the Archivist’s Code of Ethics.
  11. Enjoy screenings of 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, 35mm, 70mm and even Cinerama motion pictures…from analog film or DCPs.
  12. Learn about the Stock Footage licensing “Grid”.
  13. Copyright Protection – keep abreast of the latest changes to the U.S. and World copyright laws.
  14. Advocacy – Three helpful sessions offer information and inspiring case studies that will help you be a more effective advocate for your archiving and preservation cause.
  15. Accreditation – Learn what it takes to attain Archivist Accreditation.
  16. Meet trustworthy vendors, including sponsors like PRO-TEK and exhibitors at the Vendor Cafe, as well as valued far-away clients and potential new prospects.
  17. Hear “Nitrate Won’t Wait” and wear the button.
  18. Amazing speaker line-up! Experts in archiving, digital media, film and other disciplines from around the world will be sharing their experience and knowledge to help you manage common challenges and identify new opportunities.
  19. Stock up on more free pens, post-it note pads and other swag goodies!
  20. Professional development for newcomers to this vibrant, dynamic and committed community as you network and learn from AMIA members and industry professionals.
  21. Archival Screening Night, consisting of six minute presentations from archives all over the world. Each presenter shows something from their archive – something newly acquired, newly restored or newly found. The evening is a unique opportunity to see an endless variety of moving images.
  22. Fabulous Food!  Amid all the learning and networking you gotta eat, and Portland offers a great variety of cuisine for all tastes and budgets. Sample some of the city’s eclectic restaurants or grab a bite at the Alder Street Food Cart Pod, the largest downtown assortment of Portland’s famed food carts. 
  23. The Reel Thing Technical Symposium presenting the latest technologies in audiovisual restoration and preservation.
  24. While we greatly admire and respect our colleagues at the Society of American Archivists, AMIA is much, much more fun than attending an SAA Conference.
  25. Finally, as a bonus, you will discover it’s O.K. to be a film nerd and that you’re not the biggest one.

We look forward to seeing you at AMIA 25, the 2015 annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists, and salute the Board and all the members of this organization.

For complete information, visit the conference website.

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