About PRO-TEK Vaults

Our Mission

PRO-TEK works at providing a full service answer to the ever changing preservation needs of moving image and still photography content owners who require the best in film, digital and video media storage, inspection and content knowledge management. Known worldwide for state-of-the-art media preservation services, PRO-TEK sets the standard for the long term keeping of film in a secure, critically controlled environment. We strive for excellence and to remain unparalleled in our service and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

PRO-TEK was born from a vision that looked into the future of moving image asset protection for long term preservation. After two decades of unparalleled success, it remains a state-of-the-art facility ready for the next leap into advanced technology. That time is now.

With a solid foundation of earned reputation and experience, PRO-TEK will grow with the industry into the digital era, but not leaving its heritage with film behind. With growth in size, technology and industry standing, PRO-TEK will continue to lead the way into the next moving image frontier.

Our History

Eastman Kodak Company launched PRO-TEK Vaults in 1993 as the first film archiving facility of its kind for the inspection, preservation and storage of moving image and still photography content.

Some of PRO-TEK’s work includes restoration of the iconic movie “The Godfather” and preservation of historical Olympic Games footage for the International Olympic Committee. Virtually every major studio in the country has turned to PRO-TEK for the company’s film knowledge and preservation expertise.

In November 2013, PRO-TEK was acquired from Kodak by LAC Group to add valuable experience and capabilities to the company’s archiving services.