About PRO-TEK Vaults

PRO-TEK preserves motion picture and still image photography assets for major and independent production studios, entertainment conglomerates, corporations, museums and other owners of film, video and digital media collections.

We’re involved in every step of the preservation process:

  • Inspection
  • Restoration
  • Curation
  • Digitization
  • Archival storage—including our southern California location that’s convenient for the motion picture industry, yet geologically stable and isolated for added security.

Recognized worldwide for state-of-the-art media curation, preservation and content management services, PRO-TEK sets the standard for long-term keeping of film and other media assets.

Investing in the future of the past

PRO-TEK was born from a vision for long-term preservation that recognizes the cultural, historical and commercial value of moving image assets. Yet we’re also innovating and investing in advanced technology, including:

  • Construction and management of the first frozen film vault for commercial purposes.
  • Implementation of the Director 10K by Lasergraphics, the world’s most sophisticated high-resolution motion picture film scanning system.

With a solid foundation of earned reputation and decades of experience, PRO-TEK is growing into the digital era while maintaining our film heritage.


Film technicians dedicated to cinematic art and history

Our team of hands-on film experts includes published historians, speakers and subject matter experts in nitrate, the Silent Film era, Cinerama and other parts of the movie industry, past and present. This expertise enables them to create inventory records of unmatched depth and accuracy, and to help collection owners identify the historical, cultural and commercial value of their assets.

Comprehensive collection management across all media formats

We offer a complete set of management and preservation services: asset verification, ingest and cataloging, metadata creation, inspection and repairs, cleaning, digitization, curation, deacessioning and archival preservation in our state-of-the-art vaults.

Flexible, cost-effective model

PRO-TEK reduces your preservation costs while maximizing your collection’s value. Our managed service business model gives you access to specialized skills and experience you need, when you need them. SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees ensure quality, consistency and predictable costs.

Complex, long-term preservation project expertise

PRO-TEK has managed several complex, multi‐year projects for major motion picture studios, federal and state government agencies and large corporations. Low staff turnover, new staff training, refined processes, state-of-the-art facilities and investments in the latest equipment and technology guarantee consistent, high-quality results for the life of your project.

Eastman Kodak roots

Eastman Kodak Company launched PRO-TEK Vaults in 1993 as the first film archiving facility of its kind for the inspection, preservation and storage of moving image and still photography content. From those solid beginnings we have evolved and advanced into the digital era.

Notable preservation projects

  • Restoration of the iconic movie “The Godfather”
  • Preservation of historical Olympic Games footage for the International Olympic Committee
  • Nitrate film restoration for movies dating back to the silent film era
  • Archiving storage and services for virtually every major film studio in the country

In November 2013, PRO-TEK was acquired from Kodak by LAC Group, adding valuable information science experience and capabilities to the company’s film archiving services.