About PRO-TEK Vaults

Our mission

PRO-TEK preserves moving image and still photography for content owners who require the best in film, video and digital media inspection, restoration and archival storage.

Recognized worldwide for state-of-the-art media curation, preservation and content management services, PRO-TEK sets the standard for long-term keeping of film and other assets in secure, critically-controlled cold storage vaults. We will remain archiving leaders by offering the optimal mix of film and media archiving expertise, motion picture industry knowledge and state-of-the-art cold storage.

Most importantly, PRO-TEK strives to deliver unparalleled quality, service and satisfaction to the entertainment industry, corporate archives, private content owners and other media collections.

Our vision

PRO-TEK was born from a vision for long term preservation that looked into the future of moving image asset protection . After two decades of unparalleled success, we remain the motion picture film industry leaders, always innovating and ready to take the next leap into advanced technology.

With a solid foundation of earned reputation and experience, PRO-TEK will grow with the industry into the digital era while maintaining its film heritage. With expansion in vault storage, technology updates and industry standing, PRO-TEK will continue to lead the way into the next moving image frontier.


PRO-TEK is the only company in the nation with a cold storage facility specifically designed and built to exacting ANSI standards for still and motion picture film archival. We have a proven, 20-year track record of storing and preserving critical  film, video, audio and data assets.

Dedicated Film Experts

Our dedicated film experts, including published historians, are part of the “hands-on” team. This contextual expertise enables us to create inventory records of unmatched depth and accuracy.

A Complete Asset Management Solution

We offer a complete set of asset management and preservation services that includes asset verification, ingest and cataloging, metadata creation, inspection and repairs, cleaning, digitization, and preservation in our state-of-the-art vaults.  We can also help you deaccession assets to reduce your preservation costs.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Model

Using our managed service business model gives you access to specialized skills and experience and the guarantee of a performance SLA (Service Level Agreement) for consistent results and predictable costs. Plus we have the ability to add incremental staff and expertise as needed.

Complex, Long-Term Project Experience

PRO-TEK has experience managing several complex, multi‐year projects for federal and state government and enterprise business clients in microfilm conversion, asset management, logistics, and other media collection services.

Our history

Eastman Kodak Company launched PRO-TEK Vaults in 1993 as the first film archiving facility of its kind for the inspection, preservation and storage of moving image and still photography content.

PRO-TEK media preservation work includes:

  • Restoration of the iconic movie “The Godfather”
  • Preservation of historical Olympic Games footage for the International Olympic Committee
  • Nitrate film restoration for movies dating back to the silent film era
  • Archiving storage and services for virtually every major film studio in the country

In November 2013, PRO-TEK was acquired from Kodak by LAC Group, adding valuable information science experience and capabilities to the company’s archiving services.