About PRO-TEK Vaults

Our mission

PRO-TEK preserves moving image and still photography for content owners who require the best in film, video and digital media inspection, restoration and archival storage.

Recognized worldwide for state-of-the-art media curation, preservation and content management services, PRO-TEK sets the standard for long-term keeping of film and other assets in secure, critically-controlled cold storage vaults. We will remain archiving leaders by offering the optimal mix of film and media archiving expertise, motion picture industry knowledge and state-of-the-art cold storage.

Most importantly, PRO-TEK strives to deliver unparalleled quality, service and satisfaction to the entertainment industry, corporate archives, private content owners and other media collections.

Our vision

PRO-TEK was born from a vision for long term preservation that looked into the future of moving image asset protection . After two decades of unparalleled success, we remain the motion picture film industry leaders, always innovating and ready to take the next leap into advanced technology.

With a solid foundation of earned reputation and experience, PRO-TEK will grow with the industry into the digital era while maintaining its film heritage. With expansion in vault storage, technology updates and industry standing, PRO-TEK will continue to lead the way into the next moving image frontier.

Our history

Eastman Kodak Company launched PRO-TEK Vaults in 1993 as the first film archiving facility of its kind for the inspection, preservation and storage of moving image and still photography content.

PRO-TEK media preservation work includes:

  • Restoration of the iconic movie “The Godfather”
  • Preservation of historical Olympic Games footage for the International Olympic Committee
  • Nitrate film restoration for movies dating back to the silent film era
  • Archiving storage and services for virtually every major film studio in the country

In November 2013, PRO-TEK was acquired from Kodak by LAC Group, adding valuable information science experience and capabilities to the company’s archiving services.